Heal that Hematoma (bruise with significant swelling )

Whoa!  The other night, I did something supremely dumb.   It was nighttime and I needed to look out the window of my back bedroom.  I went to turn off all the lights to make the room pitch black, then I cracked open the blinds.  Eh, couldn’t see what I wanted to see.

I turned around to walk out, as I have done several thousand times.  But this time, I forgot I had moved a small, rolling laptop desk right in front of a chair.  Unexpectedly I felt myself doing the kind of acrobatics that I can no longer voluntarily do.   My rarely used primal scream ensued and I told my rescuers that my leg was surely broken.

Nope.  It was not broken but a very nasty looking hematoma began taking shape.  More than a simple bruise, a hematoma is a mound of broken blood vessels and inflamed, traumatized flesh working together to make a horrifyingly large mound on the injury site.

After initial icepacks and a pain pill, I went to bed.  In the morning the hematoma was larger and grosser, but having had one before taught me that it would heal on its own.  Three weeks later and very little treatment with ice packs resulted in no visible improvement at all!  My daughter incredulously asked why I had not put oils on it.  Honestly, I don’t know!  Was I lazy?  Did I not want to waste great oils on an injury that I thought would heal on its own?  I don’t know but after two nights of oils the hematoma had reduced in size by 3/4 and the dark bruised area was visibly in recovery.  A week later, after twice daily oil treatments, the injury and inflammation was gone and the bruise nearly healed!

Hematoma Salve


  • 6 drops Young Living Cypress (this oil is key)
  • 6 drops Young Living Lavender
  • 6 drops Young Living Helichrysum
  • 2 tsp. carrier oil or cream (arnica oil, arnica lotion, coconut, olive, almond, jojoba, etc.)


  • In a small container or disposable dressing container, thoroughly combine the carrier oil of choice and the essential oil drops. Use a toothpick or glass swizzle stick to stir these in the small container. Take a small amount of the salve and gently rub all over the cleaned, injured site at least twice daily. Use on unbroken skin. Note: If you don't have Helichrysum oil (save up and invest in it) just use Cypress and Lavender. Research the benefits of these three oils. Also, arnica oil or lotion speeds bruise recovery.


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