Why Choose Young Living?

Quality truly does matter!  Young Living is the only essential oil company in the world that can offer a Seed to Seal guarantee of purity and quality. A 20+ year old company, they are the largest essential oil company in the world. Young Living owns their own farms and has distillation and quality control with their partner farms. No other essential oil company in the world can say that they own their own farms and have control of the plants from the time the tiny seed is planted in the ground until the moment the bottle is sealed and shipped all over the world. It’s our claim to fame. It lights us right up! Young Living is an open book. Make an appointment to see any farm! I will be visiting a Young Living Lavender farm in Utah this coming summer and I cannot wait! They let you touch the plants and see how they are grown and distilled. How many companies do you know will let you do that?

This is a great summary video of Seed to Seal: Watch Here

Anyone is allowed to visit Young Living’s farm and members and distributors may even participate in harvest if they desire.  watch these short clips of the Balsam Fir Harvest and Lavender Harvest.

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