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Welcome friend!  Kathy McDaniel here.  I want you to know that I truly believe it is no accident you are here today to learn about essential oils.  The story of these oils is so powerful and they have changed my life!  I truly want to share their potential with you so that you can have a life-changing experience too.  I so wish you were in my live class to get a whiff of these incredible oils, try one on, and even make a few items to take home.  But guess what?  I’ve designed this online class to be as personal as possible.  I’ve recorded audios with each post and I have a link by which you may send me questions if you wish.  I’ll reply as soon as possible!  So get somewhere comfy, grab your favorite beverage,  and allow yourself at least 30 undistracted minutes to go through the course.  You may wish to have a pen and some paper as well to jot down some notes.

I’ll be completely honest, when I first heard about oils I was skeptical, I totally rolled my eyes. Maybe you have too. Then I tried a few and was hooked.  Long story short, a colleague at the school where I taught shared some oils with me after I complained of the discomfort I was feeling from having burned my leg the night before.  I spilled a boiling hot cup of tea on it.  I used the oils and was flabbergasted with the results!  I started researching the science behind them. Even after what I’ve learned through research, I am still amazed each day that they work as well as they do.

Before we go on, I need to mention that I am not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV!   I cannot treat, cure, or diagnose. If you mention specific diseases or issues,  I am not allowed to make claims, promises, or attempt to treat you. You should contact your trusted medical professional.

So right now, I’d like to ask you to comment in the box below with your name and what you may be curious about regarding essential oils!  Also, kindly tell me a little about yourself, and mention where you are from, and who invited you.

Let’s get started!

Next up:  Just what are essential oils and why should I consider them?>>


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