The Kit

You’ve probably heard someone refer to something called a “kit.” I affectionately refer to it as The Kit much like I used to refer to my young son as The Baby. When I talk about The Kit, I am talking about Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. Oil users talk about it so affectionately because it is the absolute best place to start with oils. It gives you a good taste of all of Young Living’s most versatile and popular oils packaged all up in the most adorable packaging EVER so that when something comes up around the house, you have the oils you need on hand. They even let you pick a diffuser to go along with your kit.

In the next 11 posts, I am going to RUN through the contents of the premium starter kit, including the 11 oils and the two samples of Ningxia red. You will see why these oils rock my world! Young Living sells HUNDREDS of essential oil infused products from supplements to beauty products. You didn’t know that, did you? To lower the overwhelm, Young Living has put together this little kit for those who enroll as a wholesale members just to get you started! The Kit is offered at almost 50% below retail value. It includes a diffuser too!

Next Up:  Before we start on oils, just a few rules and we can be friends, okay?>>


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