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I know, I know. I’m in the same boat! There’s a special graduate you need a gift for…perhaps your neighbor’s son or daughter, your niece or nephew, your grandson or granddaughter or maybe even your own son or daughter and you have no idea what to get them as a graduation gift. So you’re just going to run down to the corner store and either purchase for them a Visa gift card, a Starbucks card, or just put cash in an envelope. The problem is, the cards will be used up and the cash spent in a flash. Chances are they won’t remember the gift or the love with which you gave it. Here are six graduation gifts to consider that keep on giving and sharing the love.  And the graduate will fondly remember you each time they use/consume it…

1. Monogrammed hanging garment bag

My husband tipped me off here when I was fretting about what to get a male high school graduate.  He said, “Hey, the best graduation gift I ever got was a monogrammed garment bag.  I still use it.”  Indeed he does… plain black with his monogram, it still performs.   A plain black garment bag with monogram in college colors works well for guys, and for girls, see the Amazon affiliate link below.

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2. Monogrammed Towels

Okay, you may think I am just giving you a list of snooty monogrammed everything.  Nope.  There’s a reason for the monograms on towels.  Many students, especially girls, don’t really want others “accidentally” using their towels.  “Oh, sorry, didn’t know those were YOUR towels.”  Well, with the monogram, the towels might be used less by others in shared dorm bathrooms.

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3. An exquisite perfume or cologne

Purchasing a favorite perfume or cologne requires that you actually know what the graduate really wants.  It is not good to guess.  However, a quality perfume or cologne will last a long time, possibly through all of college!  Find these at major department stores.

4. Monthly box of Ningxia Red energy drink packets

Students spend a fortune on energy drinks in college and most of them are terrible for health and body.  Give students 2 oz Ningxia Red packets which taste great and provide a major whole body nutrient infusion.  While you are at it, throw in a box of Ningxia Nitro for when those finals come around.  Much healthier than those nasty pills students take to stay up all night.  These may be ordered retail or wholesale, on a one-time basis or may be shipped to your fortunate student on a monthly basis.

Take the product tour here.  Get to Step 2 and watch the video on Immune Health!

5. A Diffuser and Essential Oils for Health, Emotions, & Focus

Many students today love using natural solutions for their health and essential oils can fit that bill.  But did you know that essential oils also can help with managing negative emotions and supporting concentration and focus?  Yep, they can.  A cold-air diffuser and and a few sets of oils such as the Everyday Oils Kit and the Feelings Kit would be an amazing gift for a graduate.  Take the product tour to learn about which kits might be best for your special graduate.

Take the product tour here.  Get to Step 2 and watch the video on Emotional Health!

6. Active & Fit Kit for the athlete

This kit is amazing for your special athlete.  Essential oils that help boost performance and comfort that occasional soreness are right at the athlete’s fingertips.

Where to buy?

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