Stress Away Essential Oil

When I was teaching school, I always looked forward to coming home, sitting in my recliner and diffusing Stress Away Essential Oil. Oh my goodness is this oil is so relaxing! Fifteen minutes after sitting by the diffuser, I was ready to hop up and make dinner for my family. There is a lot of science behind how this blend was formulated! This oil is truly amazing and helping you with every day life stress! It also helps to curb appetite! Stress away is a blend of six essential oils: Copaiba, Lime, Ocotea , and Vanilla among other oils. Stress Away. The name says it all, am I right? I use it often. Mama needs more Stress Away. Lots and lots and lots of Stress Away. On a daily basis.

Ways to Use

• Stress away -blend of 7 oils
• This unique blend of vanilla, lime, and other essential oils make it the perfect natural solution to combat stresses that creep into everyday life.
• It comes in 2 bottle types, a 15 ml drip bottle and a 10ml rollon. Nice! Roll-ons are very convenient to travel with.
• Stress Away uses Copaiba essential oil, a product rarely found in North America and Europe but is commonly found in South America. We talked about it earlier.
• It is a calming soothing oil for tension
• Healthy blood pressure
• Promotes confidence and a happy and stress free mood
• Makes a wonderful perfume, just use the rollon–it’s so convenient and the aroma is very comforting.
• Massage into feet or wrists by using the roll on.
• Roll on to cotton balls or tissues in your car for a peaceful trip.
• Calming for occasionally anxious pets.
• This blend has a tropical and sweet yet very exotic aroma.

CHALLENGE: Which two products on the Young Living site contain the Stress Away blend?

Emotional Support


Provides support for occasional feelings of anxiety.

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