Review Marketing Scents vs. Diamond Factory System


So, I’ve been a customer of Marketing Scents for about a year now.   I also just signed up for the Diamond Factory System as of last week.    I’m glad to share my perspective at this point in time.

Marketing Scents - Cadillac Contact Manager with Autoresponders

Prior to the launch of DFS, I was pleased with MS mainly due to the contact manager.  I think it is very easy to use  and I LOVE having the mobile app to use on the go.  Also, I feel like the many improvements made to the capture pages have been AMAZING and I love the new flexible “make your own” capture pages (see my 101 link in my MENU.  This is MS).    MS is very powerful and honestly I don’t use most of the features such as the ability to have a TEAM website for deposits of materials, the Phoneburner, SmartSender, and the audio recording.   I tried the blog but it is not flexible enough for me so I use Aweber.  I really don’t want to have a separate program but at this time MS only sends the blog to “prospects.” I do like the instant, automatic follow-up for new leads and the ability to quickly and easily change categories of autoresponders.   All the autoresponders are included in the 19.99 per month price as is the ability to create my own autoresponders. If you have three people sign up under you it’s free to you as long as they continue with the program.

Diamond Factory System - Duplicable

DFS in some ways is a different animal but it also has some similarities.  In a word, the hallmark of DFS is its “onboarding” system (49.99/per month)which is quick and easy for those who have a fast growing downline of customers and business members.    If you haven’t toured around the basic site, feel free to look at my site.  Just sign your first name with YL at the end of it such as SusieYL and I’ll know you are just looking around and I’ll take you right off in a day or so.    Here is a link for the tour:    This was the BIG SELLING point for me.  If not for this I would not be in DFS.  There is also a Live Green Earn Green  site and 10 tips (see biz link in my MENU – this is DFS) is something to send prospective business people to.  Obviously you can find other videos, but the deal with DFS is that it is DUPLICABLE.  New biz person?  In five minutes, they have an onboarding system, a contact manager, autoresponders (pick 4 sets but I don’t think you can write your own at the 49.99 level), a video to send prospectives to, and marketing materials to get started.  Boom.  OH!  And this is cool.  Your new BIZ person doesn’t have to buy the $49.00 system immediately.  She can send her prospectives to your site and there is a place where the person who enters the info is to write who their sponsor is and when you get all the info, you just send it to the person’s sponsor!  This is awesome I think!

DFS has a nice back office for contact information and a great Phoneburner (extra $$) for speed dialing leads, but at this time, no mobile app.    DFS has a page of premade capture pages that are very creative and ready to use for different audiences, but I am not sure that they can be modified.  Perhaps.

Update 09/20/2016 – Jen Springer and her team continue to add new goodies  to the program such as specialized opt-in graphics for different niches such as young moms, baby boomers, pet lovers, Christian woman-owned home business, etc.  Very nice.  My review at this time is that if you are not growing and if you don’t have enough downline to enroll and help you pay for it, it may not be worth it.  But if you have a growing biz and customer base, I think this is a nice tool to have in your arsenal.  The point is to make sure you have something that every new customer can go through without a lot of fuss on their part or yours.  We don’t want people to fall through the cracks!

Bottom Line

At this point, I am keeping both DFS and Marketing Scents until I feel comfortable letting go of MS.   DFS is a duplicable customer and biz person introductory training system that can grow a team quickly and I am sold on “duplicable system.”

If you have any questions, let me know.

Also, if you do not have an upline from which to buy the DFS system, should you decide to do so,  I am super grateful if you might consider using my link below.  Absolutely no pressure though.  Just putting it out there.  My link from which anyone may purchase is


Kathy McDaniel