Panaway Essential Oil


Don’t Work Out or Play Sports Without This!

Panaway is one oil that I cannot be without in my home with super active teens! Super easy to put a rollerball top on Panaway and pop it into the gym bag or the football backpack!

Panaway is one of our best-selling blends and for good reason. I apply it liberally around that time of the month (you know the time, right?). It is a very soothing oil that contains Peppermint, Wintergreen, Clove, and Helichrysum. My husband asks for a shoulder massage with Panaway almost every time he lifts something he shouldn’t have.

Ways to Use

• Blend of 4 oils: Peppermint, Wintergreen, Clove and Helichrysum
• Defense against harmful free radicals.
• Growing discomforts in the middle of night when kids wake up…a regular part of a child’s life as they grow. A a few drops of Panaway with carrier can really stretch it across a whole leg to soothe this temporary condition.
• Apply topically after exercise or sports to soothe overworked or tired muscles
• Apply diluted to back for a massage or for a lovely aromatic experience
• Contains some powerful constituents like methylsalicylate, menthol, and eugenol Go home and research that.
• Epsom salt bath
• Chest rub
• Supports the appearance of healthy skin coloration
• Emotional: great for Exhaustion
• Panaway has a stimulating, crisp and minty aroma

Emotional Support


Promotes support for feelings of exhaustion.

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