New Member DMO

  1.  Send Marketing Scents Thank You letter and enroll in product user campaign.
  2.  Mail/or Drop Off – LSP pocket reference and possibly sample glass pack via preferred shipping.
  3. Mail handwritten thank you card correlated to the current month/season.
  4. Enroll in Little Bottle of Joy (simply add at the top)
  5. Enroll in School of Oil Goodness (go to that group and enroll)
  6. Enroll in Lemon Aid Library.  This is a two-step process with instructions here.
  7. Ask them to enroll in the 14-day Start Kit Sneak peak.
  8. Enroll in April’s quick 8 – email orientation.
  9. Ask them to take the Oil Academy New Member Bootcamp.
  10. Schedule a 20 min appointment to find out about wellness goals, how to help, answer questions.  Facetime would be good if possible.
  11. Put their birthday and  member number, personal concerns and other info in Marketing Scents and your YOU INFUSE notebook.
  12. Send out make and take recipes with some beeswax or containers when out of town and cannot be at a Make and Take.