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I Have a Wholesale Account Already

Smart move friend!  A wholesale account basically gives you your own “health store” that delivers right to your door!  You receive 24% off retail on every order.  If you are placing an Essential Rewards monthly custom box order, you will also get from 10-25% of your order back in spendable points.  If your Quick Order or Essential Reward Order is between 190 PV and 300 PV, Young Living will also throw in the monthly freebies often worth up to $300.00.  It PAYS BIG TIME, to “replacement buy” your recurring cleaning, personal care, and supplement needs from your Young Living account.   If you are an old hat at ordering, simply click the button below.  But you might want to check out the monthly freebies below before you do!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I need to re-order but I for got how to do it!

No worries.  Have your member number and password handy.  Your credit card number should be in the system so you don’t need that unless you are changing the card you want to use.  Click the “Login and Order” button below to access your Virtual Office.  Select “Quick Order” (which is just a regular random order) or “Essential Rewards” to update your monthly custom Essential Reward box.  For a Quick Order, simply type in the products you want from the search box and “add.”  Finalize shipping method, confirm, and save.   If you have a monthly custom reward box, DELETE those items you do not want to order this month and add new ones.  Be sure to SAVE or your changes won’t hold!

2 .  Can Young Living help me with my order over the phone?

Yes!  For questions about your order or to obtain help with placing an order, call Young Living Customer Care at 1-800-371-3515.  Have your account number or username, password and your four-number PIN ready.

3.  What are the monthly freebie specials?

December 2016 Promotion


4.  How many times per month may I order?

You may place as many Quick Orders per month as you wish but you may only place one Essential Rewards custom box order per month. To save on shipping and to receive as many monthly freebies and spendable points as possible, try to think of everything you need when placing your Essential Rewards order.  Hitting 300 PV will net you the most in free products.

5.  How do I sign up for Essential Rewards.  And can you tell me more about it?

Sure!  Click Here for a complete description.  I have been on Essential Rewards from the beginning and love it.

6.  I forgot my password, user name, member# or PIN.  What should I do?

If you do not have your member number,  I can get that for you.  Email or text me and I’ll text it back to you.  Your member number will also be on receipts from previous orders.  Please note, Young Living ordering requires you member number OR user name.  So you only need one or the other.

If you do not have your password,  click the Sign-in button below and input your member number or username.  You will see  link to click to get a new password.  You must first receive an email with a link to get a new password.  Look for it after you click the link.

Your PIN allows either the Customer Service Rep or Me to make minor changes on your behalf.  You can call Young Living customer service and ask to reset your PIN.  Customer Care at 1-800-371-3515.

to Virtual Office and Order