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Lots of people have asked me lately, “So how do you USE essential oils anyway? Do you just smell them?” I realized that most people have no idea how useful, wide-reaching, and universal essential oils are. Most people don’t even know how they would use essential oils throughout the day.

Well, folks that is one area that I definitely have down pat!

So I tracked myself through one day – just ONE day – and kept track of all the ways I used essential oils throughout my 12 waking hours. If you’re interested, you can keep reading. IF not, hey pick up the latest mag from the grocery store!


Wake Up: Put a few drops of “Peppermint and Joy” blend into my kitchen diffuser during breakfast to wake up my teens and put them in a good mood.   I serve myself and the boys 1-2 ounce shots of Ningxia Red.  We love it.   My daughter has a delicious Young Living Chocolate Shake that is very digestible for her.  She adds fruit and kale  My son and I would rather have a hot breakfast of eggs.  Bye-bye kids!  (They’re driving now…what????)

Devo Time:  Next  I will put a few drops of Lavender and Frankincense in the living room diffuser by my Mama Bear chair and sit and have my morning devotional and prayer time.  Yep. It’s a great “coaching” session with the Lord.

Shower Time: Put a few drops of “Stress Away and Joy” blend into shower while water was running, because my morning devotional reminded me of a negative feelings I was storing.   Prayer helps me release those negative feelings and the oils help my limbic system in brain (which is the seat of memories and does not respond to sound, or words, or visuals…only SMELL) find and release the negative memory.

After Shower: Cleansed face, then put a drop of my essential oil infused DIY Beauty Serum all over my face before putting on my moisturizer.  Used my Young Living Lavender body lotion all over my body to moisturize. Put some DIY Heel Salve on the tough spots on my heels. In winter, I have to be careful of cracked heels.  It’s painful and embarrassing.  Added a bit of Deep Relief to my arches since my plantar fasciitis kicked back up.  Oh!  I can’t forget that I add a drop or two of oil-infused Progessence Plus to my neck.

Before Getting Dressed: I find my day goes MUCH better when I use the “Have a Great Day” protocol from Gary Young. So I roll Valor roll-on all over the soles of my feet (to give me courage and ground myself)… Gary recommends Harmony but I don’t have it so I substitute Balance and put a drop on each wrist. I put a drop of Joy over my heart (to boost my mood)… and then top it all off by rubbing White Angelica all over my shoulders, arms, legs, front of body, back of body, and head.  Wow!  I feel great.  Now I’m ready to start my day!

Now it’s only 8:00 a.m. and I’ve already used 12 oils!

Down to the kitchen: I pour myself a huge glass of water, put a teaspoon of AlkaLime in there to help reduce the acidity of my body, and add a few drops of Lemon oil to help my liver detox. I take this every morning.

Supplement time: I take my supplements (most of which have essential oils in them to help with better absorption and utilization): Longevity, Super B, Chewable C, Multigreens and Ningxia Red give me the energy I need for my day.  The only supplements I take that don’t have oils in them are my Vitamin D and Chromium Piccolinate.

Time to run errands: Pump some gas, then rub Thieves hand sanitizer on my hands. I have no time to get sick with summer coming up. I am running a bit late on my schedule, so I get out my Stress Away roll-on and roll some on, then inhale deeply. OK, I can do this!

Laundry time: Getting back home, I throw laundry in, and realize that I need to wash some incredibly stinky wet swim clothes that my teens wore yesterday, so I throw in several drops of Thieves and Purification to get rid of all the odors. I make a little spray bottle with water and Purification so that I can spray his stuff once he takes it off in the locker room from here on out.

Home Business Work time:  Okay, time to laser focus on the 4 hours I’ve set aside daily to work on my home business.  I need an oil diffusing that helps me focus and have clarity.  I will sometimes diffuse Lemon or Transformation essential oil.  Honestly, I love Frankincense too.

Teen’s homework time:  Each of my teens enjoy diffusing during homework.  My daughter loves Lemon or Copaiba.  My son “doesn’t care which” but I usually suggest Peppermint or Thieves for him.

Dinner Time: I pull my chicken out of the oven and scorch myself – again. Darn, I really need a new pot holder. I put Lavender oil on it right away, it takes away the sting and will keep the spot from blistering.  Since my husband has some guys coming over for a meeting, I diffuse Purification in the kitchen to neutralize all the scents.  It all smells great to us, but probably not for our soon-to-be-here guests.

Clean Up: My pots – as usual – are caked with food and grease. I put a few drops of Lemon oil into the pots and they wipe clean with little to no elbow grease. Thank god. I hate cleaning pots. Especially gunky ones.

Bathtime: Into the bath for me goes Lavender and Epsom salts.  Ahhh.  Nice!

Before bed: My daughter uses an oil-based DIY Zit Zapper on her face and the Owie blend on a few knicks and scraps from her job as a student football trainer.  My son is in band and loves anything to make his feet feel better.  I usually use Panaway on his feet and he loves it.

Both my kids like to diffuse their favorite oils for sleep time and use a DIY sleepy time cream on their feet.  The DIY cream has at a minimum, Valor, Peace and Calming, Lavender, Orange, and Cedarwood mixed with coconut oil.

Winding down: I’m having trouble starting to wind down myself so I put some of the Sleepytime cream on my feet and arms.  H-m-m  it smells so good!    After cleansing my face, I use my Beauty Serum again before heading to bed.  My oral care routine includes the fabulous oil-infused Thieves toothpaste and Thieves mouthwash.

Pampering time:  I love to diffuse Stress Away Essential Oil and Joy Essential Oil together in bedroom while doing evening devotional.  Love a touch of Frankincense or 3 Wise Men on the wrists.  And I take a few whiffs of a DIY Nasal Inhaler of Peppermint and Digize to keep my tummy settled.  I’m so peaceful!


That is a real-life Oily Day in my house. Seriously. It was a real day. Some days we use more oils if we have seasonal annoyances going on, knicks or scrapes, or feeling worn down.

I don’t even think I want to go back and count the number of oils I used… I know it’s a crazy number and some of you may think I’m nuts. But it just goes to show how embedded the oils have become in our lives. We turn to them for first aid, for emotional support, for energy, for flavor, for yummy smells, for cleaning, for personal care. I can’t remember the last time I went to CVS (or even Whole Foods) to buy a helpful supplement.  I don’t have to!  My oils have saved me a ton of money and time. (Plus they are just FUN and very empowering to have right at my fingertips.)

I hope you enjoyed your glimpse into my Oily Day! If you’d like to learn how you can create your own oily rituals I can help you get started today.  Go to the next two posts and get going!

My question for you is:

How do you see yourself using essential oils in your day?

*You don’t need to use all the oils I used in my day. In fact, you could have gotten all the same positive effects using just 5-7 of the most popular oils, because the oils serve so many purposes. Let me help you narrow down the options to the oils that will serve you – and your budget – the best.*
I am happy to hop on the phone and do a quick oil consult if you are trying to figure out which oils might support you best… just use the contact tab below and we’ll find a time.

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