Must-Have Winter Recipe #2 – Stuffy Nose Nasal Inhaler

Remember those Vick’s inhalers with which you grew up?  Here’s instructions on how to make your own Aromatherapy Inhaler with essential oils. Toss one in your “Oils-to-Go” bag. Tip: If you are going to actually stick the inhaler IN your nose, please use far fewer drops (like 3-4) than stated in the recipe or it will be too strong. It’s better for your olfactory system to keep the inhaler outside your nose.  I typically apply 3-12 drops (depending on the strength of the oil scent) on the cotton insert in my inhaler. Better to make it weaker and add more oils than to put too much.  By the way, the inhalers below come with a pipette that you can use to insert more essential oils back into the inhaler after the closing seal has been installed.

Inhalers: where to buy –
Preprinted labels: where to buy –
Note: Washi tape is cute on inhalers too, then just print out a label from a handheld labelmaker and apply over the washi tape.

Stuffy Nose Nasal Inhaler (for adults only)


  • 3 drops Raven Essential Oil (ravintsara, lemon, wintergreen, peppermint and eucalyptus radiata.)
  • 3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 3 drops RC Essential Oil (R.C.™ Essential Oil is a powerful blend of Spruce, Cypress, and three types of Eucalyptus oils (E. globulus, E. radiata, and E. citriodora).
  • 3 drops Copaiba if your nasal tissues are inflamed
  • Note: For severe stuffy nose or for children, see the oils listed under "more options" below.
  • 4-piece high quality nasal inhaler (cover, inhaler, cotton insert, and end cap)
  • tweezers
  • little bowl
  • A label or sharpie to identify inhaler oils and/or purpose
  • A mallet or rolling pin to pound in the end cap


  • 1. Gather your oils and supplies
  • 2. Grab cotton insert with tweezers, put drops of oil on cotton insert over a small bowl. If drops missed the insert and fell in bowl, "mop up" the remainder with tweezers holding cotton insert.
  • 3. With tweezers place insert inside of the inner inhaler piece (not the cover).
  • 4. Take a mallet or rolling pin and pound the cap into the back of the inhaler. Replace cover and screw on tight.
  • 5. Place a label on the inhaler or use a sharpie to identify its purpose and/or oil contents.
  • 6. To use, remove cover and hold inhaler about an inch or so from nose and breathe deeply through each nostril. Use as needed. For additional support, use these same oils in the diffuser at night or whenever it is appropriate to use a diffuser.
  • Now that you know how to make an inhaler and you know where to get a large supply of them, you can research inhaler recipes to use in many ways. Top recipes include those for allergies, to stay awake while driving (hint: peppermint), and those combinations of oils which help emotions.
    Other essential oil options that support healthy nasal function:
  • Use Young Living Essential Oil's Breathe Again Roll-on for a super-charged nose clearing experience. Simply roll-on the cotton insert 1-4 times.
  • Use Young Living Essential Oil's Kid Scents "Snifflease" oil on the cotton insert.

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