Where’s my Young Living Package?

Whoa!  I want my package!

YoungLiving(1)Here’s how to track it:

1.  Go to YoungLiving.com
2.  Select Virtual Office  (Must have your member number and password.)
3.  Select “My Account”
4.  Find “My Order History”
6.  Select your order
7.  Click on the tracking number  (Now you should see the location of your package.)

If your package is taking too long for delivery or if something is wrong with your order, go to www.youngliving.com and find “Member Services.”  Call the number.  A customer service representative will help you with the problem.  I’ve always had a great experience with Young Living customer service.

When interacting with customer service, you must have your member number, password, and your PIN number.  I highly suggest to write down all three of those numbers in a place where you can find them easily!