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Cool!  You’ll save 24% on your order automatically.  If you are placing an Essential Rewards monthly custom box order, you will also get from 10-25% of your order back in spendable points.  If your Quick Order or Essential Reward Order is between 190 PV and 300 PV, Young Living will also throw in the monthly freebies often worth up to $300.00.  It PAYS BIG TIME, to “replacement buy” your recurring cleaning, personal care, and supplement needs from your Young Living account.

From the “Order &  FAQ” page you can go straight to your back office or review some frequently asked questions such as:

  • I need to re-order but I forgot how to do it!
  • Can Young Living help me with my order over the phone?
  • What are the monthly freebie specials?
  • How many times per month may I order?
  • How do I sign up for Essential Rewards?
  • I forgot my password, member#, or PIN!
  • I have a question about my order.  Who do I call?
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I would like a wholesale account

To establish a Young Living Wholesale Account  (like Sams or Costco) you must join by purchasing a membership kit.  This is the only requirement.  It’s easy!

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I Want a Retail Customer Account

This is for those who want to try a bottle of this or that but do not want a membership kit.  All products (except the deeply discounted membership kits) are available at full retail.  Fill out an easy customer form and order away.  After clicking on the “Order” button below, select “Retail Customer” on right.

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