How to Use Essential Oils

So how do you use an essential oil? How do you know which oil can be used which way? I know you’re already wondering those things your head.

Never fear, my friends, Young Living did something really brilliant when they put their amazing oil into little bottles – they PUT LABELS ON THEM. Can you imagine? All you have to do is read your labels.

Once again, here is Lindsey Elmore, Pharm.D showing you how to use them: (Password: 101)

There are three ways that essential oils may be used:

1. Aromatic – this may either be used through a cold-air diffuser (every home NEEDS at least one diffuser) or by just straight up opening the bottle and smelling it. Pretty easy, right? You’re skeptical that it will work? TRY IT. I dare you.

Aromatic = breathe it in.

A diffuser is a little gadget that you put water and essential oils in to make your house smell amazing without toxic chemicals and scary things like formaldehyde. Once you diffuse, you never quit and that’s a fact.


2. Topical – This is the equivalent of putting a drop of oil in your hand, mixing it with a carrier oil (fancy word for coconut oil or olive oil or any fatty substance oil in your pantry… if you can cook with it, you can use it to dilute essential oils) and putting it on your skin.

Topical = on your skin.

They are absorbed rapidly by the skin because of their molecular structure and they take mere seconds to hit the bloodstream when applied topically.7-Topically3. Internal – Some oils may be ingested and when used properly are extremely powerful. If labeled for internal use, the oil may be used in a capsule, in food, water, or a tablespoon of honey. Please note, never, absolutely never, ingest non-Young Living oils that are not labeled as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and/or rated as a dietary supplement by the FDA. Many oils (such as citrus or peppermint, etc.) at the grocery store or health food store may even say “organic” yet they have a warning not to ingest. These are not approved as dietary supplements.

Internal = ingest

10-how-to-use-essential-oils-internallyCHALLENGE: List one example of a carrier oil (HINT: It’s not butter.) 3 points!

Now you can choose!

Young Living recently released the ability for a new oil user to choose a diffuser when they are purchasing their premium kit.

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