FAQ about Shopping Socials!

What is this Social Shopping Site? Kathy, I thought you were with Young Living? Why are you doing this?


This is an opportunity to shop wholesale from Youngevity without becoming a member.  You can also shop the Super Specials (usually a time and quantity limit) that are wholesale, free gift with purchase, occasionally below wholesale and / or combined with reward special coupons .  This month you get a 50% off coupon with every $75 spent from either the super specials or the wholesale shop. *You must use this coupon with your current order.  This particular Social will be up through December 30th.

Yes, I am still a distributor with Young Living and also am now a Certified Health Coach. You may notice up at the top of my website that I have an “Online Health Store.” My goal is to provide my clients with some of the best items available for health and joyful living. In addition to Young Living essential oils, Youngevity will provide my clients with very unique health products and supplies that beautifully complement a “toxin-free” lifestyle.

Also! For the next two weeks, all profits earned from this December social will go to support a single lady I know who is in dire need of funds to make ends meet. I want to protect her privacy but suffice it to say that she has experienced crushing loss, illness, and the stress that comes from working a full-time job that simply won’t cover the rising rents in the Austin area, in addition to gas, food, utilities, etc.

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About Youngevity

Youngevity began as a vision by Dr. Joe Wallach to help humans and their pets get all the natural nutrients their bodies needed.  He developed groundbreaking products like Tangy Tangerine (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fruit and veggies, plus probiotics all rolled into a delicious drink powder) and 90 for Life complete body nutrition. Today, Youngevity represents its own brand but has also partnered with dozens of other high quality businesses (like Mialisia below) to form an online, fast-growing, reputable shopping alternative to the big online retailers.

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How is Mialisia jewelry different from department store costume jewelry?

Started by a mom of four boys (host of video below), Mialisia jewelry is designed with a unique “hook and eye” system so that pieces may be combined or used in a myriad of different ways.  You may even hook on traditional lockets, essential oil lockets, or tassels.  WATCH:

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How is Youngevity’s mineral  makeup different from the others?

Youngevity’s mineral make-up is so PURE and SAFE that you could eat it!  (But it would not taste good!)  Mineral makeup has been a godsend for my rosacea.   I am a fanatic about what I put on my skin and I’ve been so happy with the Youngevity makeup brand.  I’ve been looking for bismuth-free, additive-free mineral make-up for a long time.  Also, the mascara and lip locks are rich and all natural.  (See the super specials for lips and mascara!) The lip tube with the light and mirror is gorgeous!


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