Digize Essential Oil

Occasional tummyache is a thing of the past!
DiGize is another oil that was just added to the premium kit because of its usefulness. It is certainly not the world’s greatest smelling oil but it’s a powerhouse. I have a roller bottle always in my purse and use it when I have been eating foods that are outside of my “routine.”

Ways to Use

• Blend of 8 oils: Ginger, fennel, peppermint, patchouli, juniper, lemongrass, Tarragon and anise.
• DiGize is one of Young Living’s unique and proprietary blends. It’s a favorite for many for digestive health.
• The use of fennel dates back to the ancient Egyptians.
• Three drops on tongue or in water after every meal along with Essentialzymes-4TM to support a wellness regimen.
• Promotes the cleansing and normal detoxification of the skin
• Supports respiratory system, digestive system
• Promotes normal detoxification of the body
• Supports healthy elimination
• Add to a capsule for digestion support any time. Especially when traveling.
• Add 2 drops DiGize and 1 drop Peppermint to water for a stimulating beverage.
• DiGize is a great and ideal companion to our supplements ComforTone and JuvaTone
• Supports uncomfortable times related to motion and travel
• DiGize has a strong ginger, patchouli and fennel aroma so overall, it’s a deep earthy scent.

CHALLENGE: List two essential oils can be used for nausea (HINT: There’s a great post on the blog about oils and pregnancy:  Go here.

Emotional Support


Provides support for occasional feelings of disillusionment.

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