Calm, joyful children




Great diffusers for kids

These diffusers were an incredible hit for the Christmas season last year.   I would make the suggestion that if you want one for a special child,  purchase it now and hide for Christmas or Hannukah 2016.  To decide on which oils to accompany it, read the information below.

As if a Dolphin Reef and Dino diffuser wasn’t enough already, check out this Young Living diffuser for the horse lover here!

Essential oil picks for waking up, studying, calming down, going to school, or story time

As far as finding essential oils for the diffuser in a child’s room or play room, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Lavender for nighttime and Inner Child, Peppermint, Joy, or Stress Away for daytime use.  Many children are attracted to diffused Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, or Roman Chamomille.  For topical application as well as diffuser use, you may wish to select from the Kidscents collection of oils (Owie, Gen-yus, Sleepyize, Tummygize, and Snifflease).  The Kidscents oils are pre-diluted for convenience and safety.