7 Ways to Start the New Year with Joy


Why is it a thing…that many people feel blue over the holidays and then worse as the tinsel and twinkly lights go away?  It’s been posited that the festivities surrounding Christmas (particularly those that have nothing to do with the birth of Christ) set up expectations of fun, giving, receiving, family, closeness, being special, etc. that are elusive for many.  Some are out of work, ill, in pain, in debt, living alone, have just suffered a death in the family or severe loss such as an accident, divorce, or a broken relationship.  For others whose lives are not in crisis, when all the beautiful and gay decor is put away, they are left with the starkness of unadorned reality which seems boring and uninspiring.

Let’s look at 7 steps you can take to help turn your blah feelings into unstoppable positivity!


You may not realize how powerful this practice is.  It is phenomenal.  Each and every day, make a written or mental list of at least ten things for which you are grateful.  This sets in motion two powerful forces: positive thinking and eyes that see the good things happening in your life.  Yes, there are challenges and perhaps even heartbreaking ones, but you need to see the good anyway because of the energy, emotional pain relief, and renewed vision you will receive.


Many toxic and destructive thoughts reside in the subconscious mind. You may not be aware of them or how they control your body functions, emotions, and even impact your immune system.  Experts tell us the subconscious mind does not decide whether your thoughts are true or not, but it still acts on them.  This is a huge subject and one on which I will write further.  However, it is important to think about which one or two top destructive thoughts/emotions are rolling around in your subconscious.  Release them consciously and replace them with the opposite…verbally and in writing.  Continue to do this until you can tell that the destructive concept has been released from the subconscious.  The top destructive items lurking in the subconscious are FEAR and SHAME.


“Taking action annihilates fear.”  This quote from Hans Johnson of the Dani Johnson organization has helped me deal with my #1 nemesis, and that is FEAR.  Wow. When you look at the top two toxic thoughts lurking in your subconscious, what is causing them?  If it is something you have control over, then take ACTION.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with 10 major initiatives.  Just do ONE big thing.  Is it debt?  Sign up for a course such as Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace  or Dani Johnson’s War on Poverty.  Follow the steps and be at peace that you have a road map out of the mess.  Is it your weight?  Carefully consider how you want to lose weight, select a healthy plan and go for it.  Are you so disorganized that your right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing?  I recommend a course from  LearnDoBecome.com  to help you get your act together.


Do you have an overwhelming or impossible problem?  Begin to pray daily over your needs.  Ask God for help managing your emotions, finding that job, or guiding your teen.  The famous writer, teacher, and missionary Elisabeth Elliot once said that “God made the universe to work on prayer. ”  We don’t understand it of course but prayer changes everything.  Try it even if your faith is as small as a mustard seed.


No matter how bad your situation is, there is always someone else who is worse off or in dire straits.  When we are hurting for a long period of time, we get self-focused.  Now self-care is very important during tough emotional times, but continual self-focus leads to extreme negativity and self-pity.  Find someone whom you could serve or cheer-up.  At the very least, do a “pay-it-forward” deed at your favorite restaurant or drive-through.  You will be amazed at what giving and serving does for your emotions and self-esteem.  By the way, don’t keep yourself isolated.  Fellowship with friends and family often.


People ask me, when I see results with essential oils, is it all in my head?   “Um, no.”  You may be surprised at how much research has been and is being done on the efficacy of essential oils in promoting health  as well as promoting positive emotional states.  If you are fortunate enough to own a small box of therapeutic grade essential oils and a diffuser, don’t keep them in your closet!  Bring them out and use them every single day.  I was initially a skeptic, but daily use of essential oils to support my body and revive my spirit after work made me a believer!  Here’s an article with more info about emotions and essential oils.


We all know that getting enough sleep, eating good food, and taking in moderate exercise helps us feel our best.  That’s just a given.  Even with knowing and doing these things, we can slide by default into the poor choices that promise to dull our pain for a few minutes.  You know what your weakness is, and it only serves to drive you deeper into the “pit” you’re in.  Whether you succumb to excessive screen time, overeating, or overspending… or the fast destruction that can come from excessive drinking, taking drugs, or partaking in some other activity you know you should not be doing…just stop it.   Follow the above suggestions and come out of the funk you’re in.   Step into a new year filled with hope, promise, and the fulfillment of a special goal or dream.

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