5 Delicious Recipes for Low-Carb Jicama “Tortillas”

jicama tortilla
thinly sliced jicama rounds

At my local grocery store I picked up an interesting whole food wrap, called a jicama “tortilla.” Jicama is a crisp, sweet, edible tuber, with a tough brown peel, and smooth white flesh. It is widely used in Mexican cuisine. Now before you go, “ewwww,” let me tell you that these wonderful, round, raw slices are pliable and delicious with the right filling.  If you are eating raw, vegetarian/vegan, low-carb, or Trim Healthy Mama, this little slice can really help bring a recipe in line with your diet!  Traditional taco fillings would probably not work with this fresh flavor and texture, but I tried a few combinations that were terrific!

Breakfast Filling:

taco jicama
Avocado jicama taco

Dice an avocado, add a pinch of pink Himalayan salt, then mix in cilantro or parsley, sliced tomato, and finely chopped green onion. Yum!  Make a pot of Mexican Marigold Mint tea to pair with this delicious meal.

Lunch Filling #1:

A fresh tabbouleh filling is lovely with a jicama tortilla!   If you can tolerate tabbouleh with bulgur, by all means use it.  If you need a recipe that is gluten-free, try quinoa rather than bulgur.  Finally, I found this recipe that is seed/grain free.  Ground chickpeas substitute for bulgur and quinoa in this recipe.   This makes a delish “feast in the middle east.”

Lunch Filling #2:

This wrap worked really well with sliced deli turkey, shredded carrots, herbs, shredded kale or lettuce, and a homemade green goddess dressing.  M-m-m.

Dinner Filling:

The jicama tortillas have the appearance and pliability of rice wraps.  Adding chicken, julienned carrots, and shredded napa cabbage or other greens would make a lovely change to a lettuce  or rice wrap.  Here’s a terrific recipe for Szechuan Chicken Rice Wraps .  Simply substitute the rice paper/wraps with the jicama tortilla.  Serve with the suggested sauce or make a fresh peanut sauce to serve on the side.

Dessert Filling:

Jicama has a crunchy, light, and slightly sweet texture somewhat similar to watermelon.  A light watermelon dice with a fresh poppyseed dressing in a jicama wrap is heavenly.  The watermelon is not low-carb, of course, but it is a much healthier alternative to other sugar-laden desserts.

So, I would love for you to post your favorite way to eat jicama tortillas or tell me your thoughts if you decided just to try them!

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  1. Which store did you purchase these in? I have had them at PF Chang’s, but have not found a place to purchase. I live in the Las Vegas area so we have several food stores to chose from.

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